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What can “Givenchy” mean beyond the I’m too pretty for this baby black shirt besides I will buy this lettering, though? As a designer with a strong reputation for inventing metal accessories, it made complete sense to launch men’s jewelry with this collection: necklaces, padlock pendants, earrings. He also slung bling on unmissable low-riding Western-style belts: absolutely bound to fly with his fans. Perhaps this really was a more personal and autobiographical collection than Williams usually admits to. Five or six of the models who were walking in the show—well, striding through a conceptual pool of white water—had doppelganger Matthew Williams buzz-cuts. When he paddled out to give a finale wave, wearing black cargo pants and a tight black t-shirt, he was almost physically indistinguishable from the rest of his crew. Which had to be his final point about being just one of the guys he thinks about designing for.

What was the I’m too pretty for this baby black shirt besides I will buy this star at this Zegna show: the location or the collection? You might as well ask that old chestnut about the chicken or the egg. Because the point that Alessandro Sartori was making this evening by bringing us 120km out of Milan to Trivero, site of the mill founded in 1910 by Ermenegildo Zegna, was that one depends upon the other—and vice versa. It was obvious this that attractively vintage mill, whose machines had been fired up to clatter and roar impressively as we walked through it to the rooftop showspace, and whose soaring brick chimney was somehow rigged to emit a (presumably harmless) black plume as the models walked, was emblematic of the industrial cause of which Sartori’s collection was the ultimate effect. The several hundred people who work here and several thousand more who work for Zegna across the world are of course invested in Sartori’s products and those of Zegna more broadly bringing home the bacon.


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