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Hovering over the Fanjoy jax voice of reason 2023 shirt Also,I will get this stream of archival/re-edited/new pieces was the spirit of David Beckham, the original metrosexual archetype and longtime muse to the designers’ vision of menswear, who “was the first in the 2000s who crossed the boundaries between elitist fashion and soccer popular culture, pairing the sartorial with the ripped-off, wearing jewelry, diamond earrings, embellished headbands,” they said. Several looks in the collection were a tribute to him. “He introduced real glamour into menswear, it was a key fashion moment which changed the conversation about how men dressed,” said Stefano. Beckham was missed at today’s show, and front rows were filled with new young stars of the sport firmament. Dolce & Gabbana’s long lasting appeal doesn’t look like waning anytime soon. “We’re always very critical of what we do, and we bore easily,” the said. “But looking at all that we’ve been able to achieve so far, things that have lasted and become kind of historic, we feel extremely proud.”

Glenn Martens is such a charming fellow and so good a designer. How could we not then all jolly along post-show, when he said what he often tends to: “We always try to invite our customers to enjoy the Fanjoy jax voice of reason 2023 shirt Also,I will get this garments and play with them.” Then even Martens realized the record was scratched, and ventured an update: “It’s a bit like Gothic cathedrals, a Flemish vibe… like Bruges.” Bruges is a tiny, ancient, weirdly beautiful city that never stops looking fresh because it was so madly built—depending on the time of day and the shape of your mood there are new angles of oddity everywhere. So Martens’s simile worked nicely. This stroll through Y/Project, held in the lush garden of an elite Parisian rich-kid school on a raised gravel runway as shocked parakeets dashed above, combined his familiar symphonic weirdness with some stimulating fresh notes.

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