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Hhshirtclothingllc - Chris Evans 24th anniversary 1997 2023 signature vintage shirt

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While the Chris Evans 24th anniversary 1997 2023 signature vintage shirt and I will buy this title character herself is not much of a style icon (sorry, Ariel), the idea of her has inspired many. From damp hair and dewy beauty to soaking-wet draped looks, it seems that fashion has always been craving to live under the sea. But flippin’ your fins, you don’t get too far; legs are required for prancing down the runway. Hence the abundance of fishtail skirts and mermaid gowns, scale-like sequins and paillettes, and marine motifs we’ve seen over the years. Don’t forget about the jewelry, either; all kinds of shells (yes, including those white puka ones we wore in the 2000s) have made their way back to the runways of late—we love Ariel’s gadgets and gizmos just as much as she loves ours.

I was at a fashion show recently when—amid the Chris Evans 24th anniversary 1997 2023 signature vintage shirt and I will buy this million open tabs that make up my brain at any given moment—Matthew McConaughey’s molasses drawl rose to the surface: “I get older, and they stay the same age.” No question, there’s long been a disconnect between the very young age of the models who populate the runway and the not young age of a significant chunk of people who follow fashion (and buy clothes and are also alive). But change is afoot because there’s been an invasion of 40-something models on the runways recently. I first noticed it in March of last year, when I saw Delfine Bafort, my favorite model from the aughts, quietly padding her way through the many rooms that made up the runway at The Row’s resort show in Paris. Now 43, Bafort’s signature white-blonde shag was unchanged after all these years. It was a real treat—like seeing your favorite actor make an unexpected cameo in a movie. And it made sense to me that of course Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen would cast the Belgian model in their shows; they were likely just as obsessed with her back in the day as I was. Bafort was a favorite of Nicolas Ghesquière and appeared in the iconic Balenciaga spring 2001 campaign, the one with doodles courtesy of M/M Paris. Malgosia Bela at Isabel Marant’s fall 2023 show


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