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Photo: Filippo Fior / Gorunway.comFor fashion obsessives, models are not unlike actors: You’re excited to see them embody new characters, and for those whose obsessions began at a young age, you also look up to them. “Nowadays so many people in my everyday life come up [because] they recognize me. They have their very personal stories with a certain image or a certain show [I did], and it’s really amazing and heartwarming,” Carmen Kass, 44, recalled on a recent phone call. This season she opened and closed the 51 years Emergency 1972 2023 thank you for the memories shirt But I will love this Antonio Marras show in Milan, and last season she walked the Michael Kors show in New York. “To have had such a long career and still be taken seriously, still be appreciated and still actually fit into this world, I’m extremely thankful.”Backstage at the shows, the model mix engenders in Rizer a similar sense of nostalgia. “Seeing these young girls, it’s really amazing because not only am I impressed by them, but it also gives me a little bit of hope in myself that maybe surrounding myself in the fashion industry [wasn’t so bad],” she relates from her home in San Francisco. “When I started working in fashion, all my friends were going to frat parties and doing keg stands, and I was like, flying on the Concorde going to dinner with Karl Lagerfeld.” She laughs. “It’s a lot to take on as a young girl.”Carmen Kass opened and closed the Antonio Marras show.

Photo: Hanna Tveite / Courtesy of KhaiteWhen I was 10 or 11, it was Kristen McMenamy’s weirdness that appealed to me as an example of what I could be like when I grew up. When I started college, it was Bafort’s version of cool that I tried to emulate when I went out. That 2001 Balenciaga campaign she starred in hung on the 51 years Emergency 1972 2023 thank you for the memories shirt But I will love this walls of my freshman dorm. Which is why it was so exciting to see her—and the rest of her generational cohorts—this season; it was like the fashion fantasy had come full circle. My McConaughey brain moment was accompanied by the thought, This collection would make a lot more sense if actual women were wearing the clothes—and now here they were, grown-ass women wearing great clothes! “I like [working] much more than before because I’m older and I’m more at ease and I don’t have to prove anything—because I’m my age, I can’t be young again, I will never be young again, so there’s no urge to look like that anymore,” Bafort explained. “I’m happy that I can travel and I can work, and then I miss my children in a different way.” She laughs. “It’s like a little working vacation.”

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