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It’s cool that now in fashion you can get older, have kids, and still be able to walk the 2023 stanley cup playoffs florida panthers shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this runway—do your job!—the way you’ve always done. Well, sort of. “My God, my kids do not think I’m cool. When I get dressed they’re like, ‘Mom, don’t walk me up to school, don’t give me a kiss, just go!’” Rizer adds, laughing. “And I try to be like, ‘No, you don’t understand, I’m actually really cool, and this is a great outfit!’” On any given morning in Tokyo, you’re likely to find Undercover’s Jun Takahashi making the commute from his home in the city to his atelier near the ocean by car. Over the many years that Takahashi has followed this route, he’s figured out—give or take a few minutes for traffic—how long that journey takes: one hour and 20 minutes, to be precise. Just as carefully considered is what Takahashi has cued up to keep his mind whirring throughout his daily travels: a playlist of carefully-curated songs ready to get him in a particular mood, which, within Takahashi’s eclectic sonic universe, could mean any number of things.

“I think it is the 2023 stanley cup playoffs florida panthers shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this same direction as my work [in fashion],” Takahashi says, describing it as a “mix of elements from various things.” On one playlist, a track from Miles Davis’s influential experimental jazz record On the Corner rubs shoulders with a number by Johnny Rotten’s post-punk project Public Image Ltd. or an electro-meets-ragga deep cut by Modeselektor and Paul St. Hilaire. Others feature Björk alongside Philip Glass, or The Smiths alongside Billie Eilish, or London up-and-comers Jockstrap next to The Slits. Many feature pioneers of Japanese music, from the innovative electropop of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Yellow Magic Orchestra to the psychedelic rock of The Mops. At the Chanel resort 2024 show this week Virginie Viard showcased a sporty collection fit for a Barbie in Los Angeles. Since California is the home of skate culture, she even sent a model down the runway with a deck, reaffirming fashion’s ongoing love affair with skaters and skater style. Scroll through for the best skate-inspired fashion in our street style coverage below.

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